- A Narrative Feature Film about two people fighting for their lives against a system who thinks they are psychotic and a society that thinks they are dangerous and one woman who can save them from self destruction and insanity. -



Caught between a system that doesn't recognize their illness and a conspiracy theory that casts them as fringe hypochondriacs, Lil and David find redemption and healing through the work of a humble nurse practitioner named Savely.



Lil is suffering from strange, debilitating illness. She develops odd habits to hide her illness and strange practices to keep it from spiraling out of control. The doctors think she's psychotic, her friends have stopped calling and her family doesn't know what to do.

It's not until she chances upon an article describing others with the same symptoms experiencing relief because of one women's help - GINGER SAVELY. Lil seeks out Savely and meets DAVID - whose been suffering from the same illness his entire life. Together, the three form a unique bond and an everlasting friendship. 

Lil comes out the other end. 

> a beautiful performer contracts a hides disease that pits her against the Medical world and is shunned by society and nearly drivers her insane - until she discovers the story of a man's journey from deathbed to healing and she seeks out the woman who saved him. with her life's biggest opportunity in front of her, she endeavors to take control of her life, her health and her destiny.

starts out on top - is offered the opportunity of a lifetime YES

contracts illness

falls from grace

discarded by doctors

shunned in public - too sick to perform - has to turn down opportunity NO

discovers david's story

finds and meets savely

loses what she thought was her man - opportunity asks again YES

learns david got healed competeley but is now dead from old age

uses broken heart to transform her life (physically)

fails at healing process - has to turn down opportunity NO

tries to heal again (mentally committs) lets go and lets the universe

see's results and healing

ends up on top again - is able to take the opportunity - YES

Cast & Crew

Director, Writer

Tasha Nesbitt

Fiona Walsh


Elliott Harris


Production Designer

Elise Anderson

Topher Lafata

Sound Design


Alexander Bennett
Emma Rosas
Marie Webb
Olivia Ann Edwards
Patrick Moreno
Ruth Rosenfeld



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