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How long should your videos be?

Are you solo-preneur just getting started in the creation of your own video content and aren't sure how long you should let the camera roll? There is a simple answer, but it doesn't apply to every type of video... I recorded a quick video that might help guide you in the process.

Short and sweet = Concise and compelling

Viewers often bounce (click away) from videos within the first 10-20 seconds if they aren't interested in what they are seeing or hearing. Then, the second bounce threshold is around the 2 minute mark.

The general rule is to be as concise and to the point as possible. Avoid rambling or allowing someone or something else to dictate the length of your videos.

Tip 1: Use talking points

The best and surest way to be concise is to be prepared. Know what you have to say before you turn the camera on so you aren't seen rambling on and on.

I thought I could just wing it! I was wrong.

When I first began doing videos in my office - I was the worst. Even as a video producer, whose helped hundreds of people deliver their message on camera. When it came to myself, I thought I had it licked.

Turns out, I didn't. I didn't follow my own advice. I didn't warm up. I didn't outline my thoughts. I didn't practice. The result was not good. Instead of preparing in advance, it happened in front of the camera.

I got warmed up stopping and starting loads of times. I honed my message as I warmed up and my delivery was shaky until I got the first two steps right! It's difficult for me to watch those early videos. Especially because I pride myself on being efficient in other areas of my work, but here...

Not only that, all the failed first attempts messed with my confidence on camera in a major way. Now I know. In order to save time, outline my thoughts in advance and practice my delivery to warm up!

Tip 2: Know how long you can go

Every social platform has a maximum length that a video can be. Here are a few common platforms and their max running times:

  • Twitter: No longer than two minutes, twenty seconds (00:02:20)

  • Facebook: Recommends two minutes but allows up to 20 minutes (depending on file size or whether it's a Facebook Live video)

  • Instagram: 3 seconds - 60 seconds

  • LinkedIn: Will accept uploads of up to 10 minutes, but recommends less

  • Youtube: 5 seconds - 12 hours

Are you getting good engagement with longer videos? If so, what's your special sauce - share it...


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