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Social Content & Video Marketing for



Tasha.Media conceptualizes and produces influencer video content for social marketing campaigns. 

Services include: 
  • Video Coaching/Recording Sessions
  • Consulting for Home/Office Recording
  • Script Consulting & Writing

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Personal Brand & Social Content

PERSONAL BRAND case studies



Chief Executive Officer

Joshua is a globally recognized thought leader in Agile and Lean software development at

Tasha produces videos, digital content and a web talk show series for his social channels.

As a result, Joshua's online engagement continues to rise,  generating new business opportunities for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.




ChrystaBell is an internationally recognized singer and performer and long time creative collaborator of renowned filmmaker David Lynch. Since 2017, ChrystaBell has worked closely with Tasha to plan and manage her social marketing content and e-commerce media campaigns.


Tasha produces, directs and writes branded entertainment for the ChrystaBell brand.


Hand Crafted Commercial Video for


Tasha.Media specializes in working with entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses whose work builds, creates, and nurtures positive development in the community. 


We invite you to collaborate with us to create expertly crafted videos that skillfully tell your story.  Use the magic of video to capture your message, then send it out into the world where your story is heard over-and-over with every view. 

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