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creative producer. director. story consultant

Film, Video & Digital Media



Tasha.Media conceptualizes and produces influencer content for social marketing campaigns and commercial video for businesses. Whether it's on a small scale or part of a large advertising campaign, our team crafts brand specific content designed to build community, grow engagement and drive results.


From concept through the final cut, Tasha delivers good story.


Just dipping your toe into video content creation? Consider me your personal producer. I will show you the way.


I give feedback on your screenplay no matter the length. 


I speak about how stories shape our lives and our reality and how to write your own story in order to redefine your self and the world around you.

Speaking & Workshops

Hire Tasha to speak at your next event. She's a dynamic storyteller whose talks always yield a great deal of value for attendees. Topics include:

  • All the ways video can increase your bottom line

  • How to sound amazing and look incredible on camera

  • The five video basics every business owner needs

Download Tasha's speaker sheet by clicking the icon below:

Consulting & Coaching

Tasha works with businesses to build in-office or in-home video studios and consult on project workflow. She also works with business owners to write scripts, prep for on-camera delivery and much more.

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